• empowering businesses with big pet data

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data driven improvements

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Returning the unconditional love

iot & data solutions in your hands

The pup•eeze wellness tracker monitors activity, rest and temperature of your client's beloved 4 legged friends.  Empowering you to better make personalized, targeted and valuable decisions and recommendations for your client's precise needs. 

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for the dogs, for the business

We feel every part of our dog's lives is important, from the food they eat, to the toys they play with, to the health care they receive and even their environmental surroundings.  And the fastest way to make an impact for our furry friends, requires a community of industry experts all striving for the same mission; improve overall care.

By giving businesses access to an array of actionable data, allows them to make better, more precise decisions, improving pet care from every angle. 


Looking to join the mission and provide the highest quality services to dogs and your customers?

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