Our Story

We are two women from Colorado who love adventuring with our pups. Where we go, they go!

Our passion for adventure and the love of our four legged best friends have merged together to create pup•eeze. We prefer to always be tackling a new trail, or wetting our whistle at the newest brewery, or simply enjoying our furry friend company by our side. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible. This forces us to leave them at home while we go to work, out with friends, run errands or go on trips.

In a slightly serendipitous way, our life's purposes were found in our pursuit that no one should have to leave their pets behind again! Obviously, this is a large task that needs multiple solutions so we hit the drawing boards, the internet, and the streets, talking with other guilt-riddled owners.

After many discussions, we learned that often this guilt comes from wishing our pets had a voice to let us know something was wrong. By creating a way for us to always stay connected, we could be alerted in emergency situations! We drew up a plan, designed a solution and hit the streets again! After talking with a BUNCH of people we realized something was missing. We thought about what people said and realized the other main reason people feel this guilt, is because we desire to keep our pets comfortable each and every moment. Fueled by passion, support from loved ones, and an occasional coffee or two, we have created a guilt-minimizing, comfort-increasing, pet-wearable that is an essential for every dog lover! With pup•eeze you can ensure your pet's comforts, stay connected, and receive alerts. It's as if our pets will finally have the voice they deserve.

As this project continues to move forward, the passion, dedication, personal growth, and love has exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. Making this project even more meaningful by growing into a journey, not only personally or of friendship, but also growing our connection with our pups to whole new heights.

Through innovation and customization, we want to connect people with their unique best friends and eliminate worry, increase comforts and ensure love. By knowing your pet’s specific needs, gives you the confidence that they are always happy, healthy and heard.


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Elizabeth Hess  Chelsea Rhoads