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Home-Connected Platform


Never before has the possibilities for remote dog care been so comprehensive. Let us introduce you to pup•eeze.

With one small, lightweight in design collar addition, you can not just monitor your dog’s behavior while you are away, you can take an active role in the daily comfort and care of your furry friend, even when you are miles away.  As a first of its kind dog collar addition, pup•eeze connects to more than 150 smart home devices, using their capabilities to ensure dog safety, security, and comfortability.

pup•eeze will offer the following features & benefits:


Turn the lights on or off depending on the time of day. Great for those late days in the office.


With temperature monitoring, your home can automatically adjust the temperature based on your dog's unique comfort needs.


Turning on music while you are gone can ease separation anxieties and reduce problematic barking.

Location Tracking

Geo-fencing plus community lost and found are great ways to ensure you always know where your dog is... and isn't.

Video Monitoring

When home alone, your pup can't let you know if something is wrong. Use motion sensors to monitor pacing and other anxious physical behaviors. Video monitoring is a great way to check on your dog while you're away.

Activity Tracking

Make sure your best friend is getting enough exercise every day! With pup•eeze you can monitor your dog's exercise levels in any situation, even while playing frisbee at the park.


Much, much more than just another smartphone app or surveillance camera, pup•eeze lets you automatically know just what is happening in your dog’s day, from how many times he’s paced around the room, to if he’s sleeping or eating enough. Furthermore, it allows you to take ownership in their daily care, making needed adjustments through smart home technology.

Just one small, lightweight tab on the collar and your dogs world is at your fingertips all day long. Never has there been one product that offers a true picture of your dogs daily experiences and allows you to take an active part in making remote adjustments as needed. Designed and engineered by dog owners, for dog owners, pup•eeze is the simple answer to your dog’s complex needs.

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