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Audio & Sound


       Google Home              Google Home Mini           Google Home Max


      Amazon Echo Dot             Amazon Echo              Amazon Echo Plus


Amazon Echo (1st Gen)           Sonos One                     Sonos PLAY:1


       Sonos PLAY:3                   Sonos PLAY:5               Sonos PLAYBAR


   Sonos CONNECT         Sonos CONNECT:AMP

Audio & Sound with pup•eeze

This is for all of the music lovers out there. Whether you're playing calming classical music to distract your pup from any outside noises or if you like your dog to stay up-to-date with today's hottest music, your desired musical tastes can automatically play with the presence of pup•eeze. 

Platform actions, events and conditions:

Play your favorites and play your stations all with the option of harnessing the power of your own voice through the Google Assistant or Alexa to trigger your dog's favorite playlist. 

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