Tips & Tricks. Dog Training Chapter 4

Your dog is sitting, lying down, and staying. Now, it’s time to get them to come to you. This is very important for recall, especially when your dog starts to obsess over the neighborhood squirrels.



Teaching it:

            At your command, your dog comes immediately to you. In order for this command to be consistently obeyed, your status as pack leader needs to be definite! Always reward your dog for obeying your “come” command, whether it be with praise or a treat. Not obeying this command, however, should be viewed as a major no-no and should end with you physically bringing your dog to the spot from where you originally called her.


  1. With your dog on their leash, command her to “come” and reel her quickly in to you, where she will be praised. Your command should sound happy, but firm. Give the command only once.
  2. As your dog improves, graduate to a longer leash.
  3. When you are ready to practice off-leash, do it in a fenced area. Let your dog drag her leash. If she does not obey your first command, go to her and firmly lead her back to the spot where you gave the command. Do not give a reward if she does not perform the direction on her own, the first time you call. Put the long leash back on her and require her to do three successful “comes” before trying off-leash again.

*A dog can learn the meaning of the word very quickly, but the practice and enforcement of this command should continue for life.


Troubleshoot it! FAQ’s

  • Does your dog run off once off their leash?
    • Do not chase your dog, as that will only encourage her. Stand your ground and demand that she come. Dogs respond to a leader.
  • Enforce this command every time you use it.
    • If you are not in a position to enforce it, don’t give the command. Instead just call your dog’s name or use “c’mon,” or “let’s go.”

 Good to know! Call your dog to come for good things. Never call “come” for a bath or other scary direction. If you're unsure, go and get your dog yourself.






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