The first verse is the deepest

Welcome to Garryowen, MT our first stop in our 15 week adventure. We had just spent the last week with our amazing families in the great state of South Dakota, decompressing from the move, organizing our travels and indulging in good food. Visiting the family is quite frankly, my favorite relaxation spot!

Being as though I am still new with being behind the wheel of a rig approximately 50 feet in length, it goes without saying that I don’t have to worry about speeding anymore. That being said we fell about 130 miles short of where we were actually suppose to stop outside of Laurel, Mt where Chelsea’s family was waiting to have a weekend of camping with us. Two days later we met up with them. This is the tale that comes before that meeting.

We made our way west into Montana. Our adventure would begin immediately with the ooh’s and awe’s of laying our eyes on a new place. We saw a field of baby trees and hills that resembled a scene from Jurassic Park, prompting their quick naming of Tricerotop poops. Our first little big town we came across was that of Broadus, MT where a heard of lambs or baby sheep, as Chelsea would call them, found their way onto the highway. Again, thankfully I’m such a slow driver. Knowing the danger that these babes were in as they grazed next to the roadway, we called the local sheriff’s office and they were able to contact the rancher to whom this herd of vagabond lambs belonged to.

As the sun fell in the western sky we decided to call it a day with being on the road. Luckily, we’d seen a sign for 7th Ranch RV Resort about 30 miles in the distance. Here we met Clyde, the owner of 7th Ranch, who gives free ice cream sandwiches with your check-in! Honestly, I’m in love with this place already after that move. As I’m enjoying my huckleberry ice cream sandwich the dark clouds that seemed to deter themselves until we landed at our site, finally descended upon our campground. I finished my delicious treat quickly so we could get the trailer set up ASAP. Imagine your 3 year old with chocolate all over their face, that’s me. Now, I’m not one who is shaken by the sounds the sky can make, but the thunder that cracked through the Montana sky that night was some of the loudest noises that I have ever heard.

Chelsea and my chocolate covered face are a good team, so when it comes to the urgency of getting this trailer leveled and off the truck, we’re Nascar pit crew fast! What we didn’t see coming is our electricity not working yet again. I say yet again, because before we set sail on our maiden voyage we had replaced an existing battery with an Arnold Schwarzenegger type of battery. This thing was suppose to be bullet proof and now it was dead and we’re stuck in the rain and hail with no lights. Thank goodness for friends that teach you about AC/DC (Not the band, I get it now, and yes I’m talking to you Mr. Bono). We’ve learned that our outlets will get us through the night if the battery is dead. AC, or alternating current, gives you electricity through those 12V outlets. I’m feeling very Motel 6 now! My father is probably disappointed at this statement right now. I think though, after all these years he gives me a pass when I have my recurring blonde moments (so to speak). So what was our electrical issue you ask? A blown fuse. After all the fussing and messing around, we lucked out with a $5 fix. We even splurged for some back ups! We didn’t figure this out until later in the afternoon of course, so we spent another day at Clyde’s place.

Im not going to complain about staying another day. We had front row seats to go visit the battlefield at Little Bighorn. My 7th grade self was so happy! The things I thought I knew about this historical place were either long forgotten, misplaced or innacurate. Needless to say I quite enjoyed the education that unfolded before me that day. We participated in the app based driving tour. All you need for this is a QR code scanner and you’re able to access the parks audio tour through your own smartphone. This is definitely recommended for those who want to take in the scenery and history at their own pace. Along with all the history and beautiful scenery were the views of wild horses on the hill sides. They seemed to center themselves in the middle of the winding 5 mile road that takes you through the events that occurred on the hillsides that June 1876. I think from there they could keep an eye on all who passed through. They did appear to me, to be the guardians of the land.

With our electrical issues fixed, business to business discussions agreed upon (after brief arguments, of course) and our historical tour through the battlefield, we were once again ready to set sail to finally meet up with Chelsea’s family in Laurel. This voyage would not take place until after the pups were taken for their morning walk into the hills behind our site. You can imagine a beautiful morning walk with a slight breeze out of the south west, 60 degree temperatures and clear blue skies. “We’ll walk to the fence and then head back towards the site.” That’s what we said and sounds easy enough for a walk. This morning would not be complete without some sort of mishap, so let me briefly tell you that Rem and i were almost victims to the stank of Pepe Le Pew. I didn’t seem him taking his morning nap in the brush of the hill I so vehemently had to climb. Rem I believe smelt him first, I was distracted by his beautiful tail, thinking it was eagle feathers. That is until I saw his head and body. Sheer panic struck me as I beseeched to Rem that it was time to run quite quickly down the hillside away from one of my favorite Looney Tune characters of childhood. We escaped, with our natural body orders intact and not that of an invading spray of the skunk.

Now that the morning could continue after our brush with nature’s deadliest smell, we headed further west into Big Sky country.

*A special thank you goes out to our amazing friends and family!  Without them we would not be where we are today.

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