Lingering Questions

*There’s something to be said about the tales of embarking on an adventure for the sake of going on the adventure. Some call this wanderlust, some just refer to themselves as nomads or vagabonds, and some of us call it our purpose with the right hint of perspective.

Why are we driving around glamour camping this summer (For those of you that have followed along since the beginning this may seem a bit redundant, depending on the amount of time we spent conversing)? Why would two equally successful, independent women with good careers, fantastic friendships/relationships and plenty of entertainment, literally sell damn near everything they own, quit their careers and leave behind their friends/family and entertainment? It’s simple really but I wont spoil the story for you so sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Let’s talk about dog’s who travel.

I want to warn you that this conversation is going to be a little bit more serious than that of the conversations we’ve been having prior to this. I’ll keep the fun and colorfulness, I promise, but there are some serious questions that we need to ask ourselves to fully wrap our minds around why Pup Alert is such a need in todays society.

Some of you may be asking yourselves what this product is? Some of you wondering why the world needs to see this kind of product? And when you will see these types of products emerge even more in the pet market? Ok, ok lets start here:

There is a pervasive lack of education and understanding about the dangers associated with leaving your dog in a car. Did you know that on a sunny 60 degree day it only takes 20 minutes for the temperatures inside your vehicle to soar to 90 degrees? Unfortunately, rolling your windows down and parking in the shade are not nearly good enough for keeping your pets safe. We do not promote the irresponsibility of leaving your dog in the car on a hot day just because we’ve provided a device that keeps track of the temperature. Rather, we are providing a connection for those who regularly travel and a quick education on how drastically temperatures can effect the health of your pup.

Calling all avid adventurer’s, hunting enthusiasts, travelers of the world and dogs of competition! The solution to your problem is emerging with Pup Alert amidst the revolution of the world of iOT, or rather the internet of things. If you have even the slightest enthusiasm for keeping up with the world of technology I highly recommend reading into the emergence of the iOT because the opportunity for dreams coming true are absolutely endless with these technologies. This is where Pup Alert’s dream for solving a problem that exists becomes possible. We take this itty bitty computer and teach it to talk to an app on your smart phone. The open lines of communication between the computer and your phone are the connection that gives you peace of mind as you travel with your fur buddy. It’s important to note that you’ll need a cellular connection for the device to function properly. Our first version will use 3G technology. Lighting the way for the second version (which is on the drawing board already) to use 4G/LTE technology. It goes without saying that we will be leaders in the world of pet technology. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with so you can imagine we snag the best of the best and will continue to do so.

Our mission this summer is simple. After 15 weeks the nation will know our name, the problem that exists, and the solution that we have created. We are living the brand that you read about every day. We’ll travel around the western half of the nation until fall begins to fade beneath the blankets of winter. Every morning waking up amongst likeminded travelers of the world, dog lovers and enthusiasts of all things. What happens after? The work becomes more, we’ll wish there were more time in the day and we will continue to imagine and innovate the next steps that Pup Alert will take.

Be sure to stay tuned. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome. Let us know your thoughts about Pup Alert.

*As always a big thank you to our wonderful family and friends. To conclude here’s a picture of a couple of cute pups!

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