Tips & Tricks. Dog Training Chapter 1

The groundwork:

            When we start talking about obedience training it’s good for the seasoned dog owner and the brand new dog owner alike. The groundwork that we lay for our pups is important for our relationship with our four-legged friends. Obedience training serves a bigger role than merely teaching your dog to appreciate those rules set forth by Mrs. Post so many years ago. It’s a mental experience and comfortable routine that allows you to connect with your dog. Warming up with familiar, and not so familiar skill sets gives your dog the confidence to achieve new ones. 


Teaching it:

  1. Stand or kneel in front of your dog, holding a treat in your hand a little higher than your dog’s head.
  2. Slowly move the treat straight back over your dog’s head. This should cause her nose to point up and her rear to drop. If her rear does not drop, keep moving the treat straight backward towards her tail. The instant her rear touches the floor, release the treat and mark the behavior by saying “good sit!”
  3. If your dog is not responding to the treat, use your index finger and thumb to put pressure on either side of his haunches, just forward his hip bones. Pull up on his leash at the same time to rock her back into a sit. Praise and reward her while she is sitting.
  4. Once your dog is consistently sitting, wait a few seconds before rewarding. Remember to only reward while your dog is in the correct position-sitting.

 *Puppies as young as six weeks can start learning this command, and it is often the first trick a dog learns. Within a week, you should see some progress!

Troubleshoot it! FAQ’s

  • Is your dog jumping at your hand that holds the treat?
    • Hold the treat lower, so that she can reach it while standing.


  • Is your dog sitting, but keeps getting up?
    • In a gentle but firm manner, keep placing your dog back in a sit. Once she has learned the behavior, she should not break her sit until released.

 Good to know! Command your dog to sit before each meal. This reinforces your position as pack leader and is just good manners!






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