I am a person who is passionate about the dogs that I choose to call my best friends. They are my shoulders to lean on, my ears to listen, and they are quite simply my best of friends. Good company is what makes this life all the more worth worth while and I choose to spend most of my time with the furry, four legged kind. To me, they are the best company. We are a mobile unit, always on the go, seeking our next adventure. Where I go, they go. Where they go, I go.

What I would do for the best life for my pups is next to anything. Of course, they’re never going to grow up and be their own person and take care of me when I’m old, but they do embrace me with unconditional love. What’s more fulfilling than that? To be 100% accepted everyday, no matter what. These feelings are priceless.

I know I am not alone in this feeling about the doggy dog world out there. There are many who prefer the company of a dog over a human, but I can only begin to relate that to some of the terrible things that humans can be capable of. That’s another conversation of course. The point being that there are many people who are just as passionate about their dogs as I am. You can even take that passion to a whole new level and see the swing of traditional families with children opting out of parenthood and opting into pet-parenthood.

Far too often we come across the tales of woe in which we read or watch stories in the news about dogs who are left unattended in vehicles and perish due to hot or cold weather. Whether these stories come about due to lack of caring, lack of education, forgetfulness, ignorance or simply an accident, is dependent upon the truth of each individual story. Sad stories always get me. I’ve seen Titanic probably a hundred times and I still cry. I can’t un-sink Titanic but maybe, just maybe I can help save the lives of the furry, four legged friends I love so much.

My best friend/ business partner and myself have spent the better part of the last 8 months innovating a mobile thermometer that connects dog owners, or pet parents with their furry friends. Our thermometer is connected to an app that you can personalize for your dog, specific to their size and breed. This information is then calculated into our unique algorithm that sends notifications to your phone when temperatures breech what could be harmful to your dogs well-being.

There’s a lot of us out there that want to adventure with our best furry friends, but we also want to make sure that they’re as safe as possible. Our mobile thermometer was not created with the intention to encourage people to leave their pups unattended but to keep them safe and connected to their humans, because situations can arise where dogs aren’t allowed to be right by our side.

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