2 Rhymes Are A Chorus Line

I’ve never had the pleasure of camping in a parking lot before, so this is my first rodeo. Which is fitting because our spot is located in the parking lot of Bozeman’s fairgrounds.  Our miles to Bozeman was smoother sailing than that of the trip we experienced getting to Garryowen. Once we had met up with Chelsea’s family we were able to get some finishing check ups on the rig.  That means we learned more about sway bars and the effects their tightness has on the entire journey of the rig.  This would be the defining moment that would send my behind the wheel blood pressure to what is considered a normal range. Also, it would be noted that our trailer brakes were not working and the fan that controls your heating and air conditioning was also non functioning.  Enter, center stage, “you will stay in the fairground parking lot for an extended period of time because your truck is in the shop.”  I suppose these issues could have been a lot worse, but this is our story.

With a big day of travel behind us and the truck in the shop, it was time to stretch my legs. Leo, Rem and I headed into the direction of downtown Bozeman as Chelsea, Shenanigan and moe. held the fort down at the fairgrounds. Our goal for the morning? Head towards the local pet shops and chat with people. What would they think of Pup Alert? My ambitions and enthusiasm were not lacking. Armed with our big smiles and twinkling eyes, we made our way toward the shops of downtown. –It would perplex me the entire walk back, that as we traversed the length of the main drag there were no signs of a pet shop. My guess would be that as soon as we turned to head back to the fairgrounds the pet shop would only be a block away from where we had turned. 

Turns out, I would be correct.– There was plenty of food, brews and stuff to do, but no pet shop. Rehearsing my pitch over and over again in my head as determination led my legs toward this ghostly pet shop, wouldn’t you know it, my phone beeped with an urgent tone. It was time to head back to the fairgrounds. Urgent tones turned out to be nothing more than a run in with miscommunication and a little lack of elbow grease. The threat of panic had been defeated for now. These are the tales of those who have wandered into the world of running their own business. You are responsible for its success, its failures, its people, its feeling, direction, etc. You aren’t allowed to be frustrated with things that don’t work any more. You’re only allowed to fix an issue and make it work.

*My reminders of the main drag. Hands off the bear! It will be mine!

Let’s get back to enjoying the outdoors, shall we? My highly anticipated brand awareness walk through downtown would be our only day of blue skies for the next week. Apparently, we’d hit a rainy patch in the weather forecast as we entered Montana. I’m not sure I could say that by personal experience I’ve ever seen so much rain fall during one period of time. It began at noon on Tuesday and didn’t stop till the following night. Then again, I am from the plains of South Dakota, where my memories are mostly of extreme temperatures and gale force winds. I appreciate the new experiences that nature has to offer me. Needless to say we spent a bit of time inside the trailer getting computer work done. With having to work inside and transportation limited to 2 wheels and a poncho, inside activities had to be discovered. Enter stage left, Verizon’s unlimited data plan for only $45/month! We can now stream Netflix, perambulate the globe via the world wide web, and engage on social media at the same time. A special thank you must go out to the executives at Verizon. Only two weeks on the road and we’ve already used approximately 80GB of data, and at such a low price! Thank you, thank you.

As the rain would cease for parts of the evening, we were able to hop on our bikes and explore the town of Bozeman, which would become a staple for the lacking night life of our adventure so far. Here we would watch King James and his Cavaliers fall to the Warriors, with what we would call an obviously stacked team. Heading out on the town at night are what we call good excuses, not bad habits. The brewery scene is by far one of our largest supporters of this journey. When in doubt or when you can’t find the pet shop, head to who you know will want to hear about your new invention. I hadn’t ridden my bike this much in a long time, but with all the breweries and no other means of transportation, there was lots of bike riding that took place. Such an easy and feel good means of getting from A to B. The pups, aka the monsters, learned what it’s like to exercise with their leashes on. We adventured to parks, pet stores (once discovered they did exist), farmers markets and played fetch amongst the various campers that had pulled over at the main city park.

This entry would not be complete without some sort of entertaining tale of mishap, so let our final entrance stage right be that of the camper shower. I’m not sure if any of you have ever had the pleasure of bathing in a travel trailer before so I’ll do my best to paint this picture correctly. These bathrooms are designed with good intentions, let not that fact slip by the wayside. Yet, intentions fall short when entering this mousetrap of a bathroom. I, myself, am approximately 5’4”, average build and enjoy a hot relaxing shower. I believe, and am still searching for the sign that says you must not exceed 4 feet to enter this shower. Also, we’re looking into possible issues with our water heater (enter concerned, sad emoji face here).

*The drawing has been graciously provided by Chelsea Rhoads, Co-Founder and CEO of Pup Alert.

Bill and his team at M&W Auto repair were able to get us on the road by Friday afternoon. Trailer brakes intact and a fan to blow the cabin air about, we made our way towards Butte, MT.

**Another big thank you to our wonderful friends and family. You mean the world to us!

Captains Log: 9/12/17 – 9/16/17: Bozeman, MT (Elizabeth Hess, Co-Founder, CFO Pup Alert)

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