what is pup•eeze & the home-connected platform?

what does the pup•eeze device do?

What is the pup•eeze device?

What is a home•connected platform?

Does pup•eeze track my dog's activity levels?

Does pup•eeze track location?


can I use pup•eeze with more than one dog?

Multiple dogs


Is pup•eeze waterproof?

Is pup•eeze scratch proof?

device attachment & size

How do I attach the pup•eeze add on to my dog's collar or harness?

Are there different size options for the pup•eeze device?


Do I need to charge my pup•eeze device?

How long does the pup•eeze add on battery last?

mobile app

Is the pup•eeze mobile app free to download?

Is there a monthly fee to use the pup•eeze home-connected platform?

Does pup•eeze have activity monitoring?

Does the pup•eeze app display comfort settings all the time?

Can I add family & friends to my pup•eeze app?

What kind of smartphone is pup•eeze compatible with?

range & compatibility

If pup•eeze is a Bluetooth device, how far away can my dog go before he disconnects from connection?


What is the warranty for the pup•eeze device and/or gateway?


Where do I go for customer support or technical related questions?

How do I return my pup•eeze device or gateway?