Setup Instructions

What do the light colors mean on the gateway?

Gateway isn't staying connected.

What is the web-based app URL?

What is the gateway configuration URL?

Do I need a gateway?

Why do I need a gateway?


About the pup•eeze Wellness Tracker

How many dogs can I add to my profile?

Why is the pup•eeze app "web-based"?

Is the battery replaceable?

Does pup•eeze track location?

How many gateways do I need?


Is pup•eeze waterproof?

Is pup•eeze scratch proof?


Do I need to charge my pup•eeze device?

How long does the pup•eeze add on battery last?

mobile app

Is the pup•eeze mobile app free to download?

Does pup•eeze have activity monitoring?

Can I add family & friends to my pup•eeze app?

What kind of smartphone is pup•eeze compatible with?

range & compatibility

What is the range my pup•eeze device will stay connected?


What is the warranty for the pup•eeze device and/or gateway?


Where do I go for customer support or technical related questions?

How do I return my pup•eeze device or gateway?

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